East Bay Progressive Fighting Systems
East Bay Progressive Fighting Systems

Direct Lineage from Bruce Lee to Dan Inosanto to Paul Vunak...

Contemporary Jeet Kune Do/ Street MMA Seminar June 20, 2015

A short clip of "Mass Attacks" of the upcoming Enigma2 DVD.. coming soon

@ 2014 PFS Instructor Retreat:  taught Self Defense on the Ground using Kinomutai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Learn to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Welcome to  East Bay Progressive Fighting Systems. We provide training in Self Defense and Fitness. Specializing in Individual/Private and Semi-private training. Friendly and no ego based classes. We are here to achieve and learn from each other.  We do not gather belts, trophies or medals nor pursue to be the next MMA champion.  We are here to learn and continue to better ourselves.  We train to triumph over our fears one battle at a time.  We provide the latest  cutting edge training technology in the world of combat and self defense, the same methods and principles used by elite military agencies: Navy Seals, FBI, DEA, CIA, DOD, Department of Homeland Security and various military and law enforcement agencies. Now available to civilians, executives, teachers,  parents, etc.

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